Monday, November 02, 2015

Stash of Zap


When I said yesterday that I'd stocked up on glue, I wasn't kidding. I've been a fan of Zap products for many years and am always interesting in acquiring something new from the range. If the price is right, I'm also interested in making sure I have a spare bottle or two lying around.

Thus when the 1oz bottle is sold for a fiver, I'll have a bit of that - it's quite a lot cheaper than at toy train shows. I assume the large aircraft boys use so much they only want the big'uns.

More interesting are these 0.1oz "Free" samples, which I paid 20p each (6 for a £1) for. They will be great for chucking in the toolbox for emergency repairs at shows. Even if the glue leaks out, it's going to do less damage than the bigger bottles can. Better still, the screw lid should keep the contents under control in the toolbox.

While I was at it, I finally remembered to buy debonder for when sticking goes wrong, kicker refill (should have remembered that my kicker is in an aerosol though, need to get the pump bottle) and Zap Goo - which I've never seen before. Apparently this last gunge will "bond virtually anything" while remaining flexible. Sounds like UHU to me but we'll see.

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