Sunday, November 15, 2015

Model boat show 2015

Tarroo Ushtey

Ahoy there! With the Bantam tugboat finished, I was on the lookout for the next project. While there are several kits in the Parker stash, I've really enjoyed sctachbuilding this model and I want a bit more of that.

Next project wants to avoid the compromises forced on me by the commercial hull but I don't fancy a full plank on frame construction. The solution might well be the Tarroo Ushtey seen above from the breathtaking Manx Model Boat club stand. Chatting to the man who built it, the plans should eventually be on their way to me. I'm sure I've either seen this model, or even the prototype before and liked the look of it in the past.


Elsewhere there was more inspiration in the form of a chairman's challenge competition run by another boat club. Members had been given a standard hull and told to go away and do something with it. This sounds like great fun, the hull was pretty simple and left loads to the imagination. The speedboat above was one entry.

Chatting to our club secretary and then some of the members, we thought it was a great idea. Casting around the hall, I've done a deal with Sarik Hobbies for some excellent vac-formed hulls with a discount for quantity. Mind you, I also managed to buy a couple of kits off them and was horribly tempted by a 3D printer...


Apart from this, well there were lots of boast to look at. More than last year I think as the trade stand numbers had dipped a bit. Better get used to that as the rumours are a couple more won't be there next year either.

Taking photos, I began to recognise some of the models on display. On many stands, it seems that the same guys will display models and they show the same ones as last year. And the year before. There were a couple of instances of multiple models by the same people that appeared to be there to fill space than showcase the best modelling. I'm not snobby enough to only want to see perfection but I do think if you are going to show a model, you might dust it first.

Deo Volente

Some of this is down to me being a regular at this event. A friend visiting for the first time managed to spend an enjoyable day there looking at everything so there's obviously plenty to entertain. My feeling was that numbers were down slightly and ages were up. Compared to a model railway show, I'd reckon the average age was about 10 years higher.

More photos on Flickr.

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