Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Warehouse Wednesday: Leamington workshops

When I started this series, in the back of my mind was the need to include a building in the north of Leamington Spa, about 5 minutes stroll from the town centre.

Leamington workshop 1

Obviously it's not a warehouse as such, but despite being at the back of a residential building, it's definitely industrial in some way. Possibly a workshop of some kind?

Anyway, it's nice basic and easy to model building. By now it's been attacked with the Farrow & Ball but once I suspect some rather more rustic doors would have adorned it.

See this on Google Streetview.

Once out with my camera, I took a wander through some of the back streets. Despite living here all my life, apart from the first year in Luton, I don't know every little street as they tend to be place you pass through rather than visit unless you have a purpose.

Leamington workshop 2

This one is very short but still has loads of character. One day it will be gentrified but for the moment it could be straight out of the 1940s. I can't help feeling it's not the greatest advert for a carpenter, but then nowadays, how many would have a shop front anyway? Surely the ubiquitous transit van is more practical?

See this on Google Streetview

Leamington workshop 3

When a building is improved, the results can be a poncey but then I suppose this is a clinic full of special therapies so it fits. The building itself is about the same size as the last one but being slightly nearer the town centre, benefits from some decorative (and impossible to model) fancy brickwork around the ridge.

See this on Google Streetview.

Finally, near the local Quickfit, is this larger establishment.

Leamington workshop 4

Which has a proper yard to drive in to and a canopied building to back the lorry under. I'm thinking a builder yard or similar many years ago.

See this on Google Streetview


James Finister said...

Phil, I suspect at least a couple of those might once have been the equivalent of London mews houses. The carriage going downstairs and the domestics on top. In fact the address of the one at the bottom is now "The Old Coach House"

Phil Parker said...

Possibly, although none is attached to a house of any significant size. Mind you, servants weren't always the preserve of the super rich.

I wonder with the last, what it's history has been in the last 70 years too. It might be very interesting with lots of different uses.

David Hughes said...

"decorative (and impossible to model) fancy brickwork" - there's a challenge! Where did I put my DAS ...

James Finister said...

I don't know if this might offer a clue,52.2914

An old trade directory might provide some answers