Saturday, November 28, 2015

Fun on Dr Who day

November 23rd marks the date when Dr Who was first broadcast on the BBC. To celebrate this, Twitter and Facebook fills up with fan pictures. This year, I joined in.


Scene 1: "Do you happen to have a Police telephone box in there?

During the week I picked up a mini K9 model from a pound shop. In the pack were a couple more people including Sarah-Jane Smith and so I thought it would be fun to pose the two in front of one of the railway arch businesses on Ruston Quays.

The in-joke for BRM folk is that Chris Duffill is one of our video guys (along with Martin Tempest) and a real sci-fi nerd, and he does have a Tardis!


Scene 2: "Are you my mummy?"

The other figure in the pack was the child from the story "The Empty Child". This spooky character spends the show looking for his mother having been transformed by alien technology.

Handily, I just happened to have a couple of Egyptian Mummies from a set of plastic figure bought many, many, years ago. It just shows, if you hang on to this stuff long enough, you'll find a use for it.

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neil whitehead said...

I remember the first episode in glorious grey and white on our small 12" TV bought on Hire Purchase. I am looking at a 'Hornby Dublo made by Meccano' police box as I write this. My son got hooked on Dr. Who in the 80's and once asked me why I didn't record the first episodes as he thought the video tape recorder had been always in existance.