Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bantam Tug - Done!

Bantam Front

By the skin of my teeth, the Bantam tug made the model boat show last weekend. The paint was dry, but only just.

Having built the boat, I've decided to stop work for a little while. I'm going to sort out the weighting and just enjoy sailing it. It's small enough, even in its box, to live in the corner of my office as a "Thursday morning boat", suitable for a late decision to go sailing. The jelly cell will hold a charge for ages so I can leave it ready to go.

Bantam Back
Longer term, well some weathering would be nice, but having spent a long while looking at the real thing, I know how much of a cartoon my model is. I'm still proud of it but know that if you want a realistic Bantam, you don't start with the Mastman hull. In fact I saw their model on the stand painted in the same livery and wondered how many people would see all the work I've done.
Still, if you fancy something more accurate, my Bantam plan is available to download from RMweb.


davee52uk said...

Saw this on Friday: very nice

James said...

Pretty good! I volunteer to look after the Canal Museum's Bantam.


There's a few shots of inside the wheelhouse and the engine room on there.

Let me know when you're near the museum next, and I'll show you around the inside- and you can see if driving the real thing is like the model!

Phil Parker said...


Thanks very much. I've had a quick read of your blog and it is fascinating. Yes, I'd love to come and have a proper look at the Bantam. E-mail me: phil@pagenumberone.co.uk and we'll see if we can meet up!