Saturday, November 07, 2015

Yellow lines part 2 - :-/

Yellow Paint

Desperation time. Out with the bow pen and a tinlet of Precision Paints Railtrack Warning Yellow. My plan was to draw the edges of the lines and fill in between with a fine brush. The lines are 3mm wide so I couldn't just do the job with a pen.

As with the yellow tape, the straight lines worked well enough. The paint is a bit thick but I managed to get it to flow.

Curves needed a bit more work but when masking up to spray the main colours, I'd made some templates. These weren't prefect but since any wooblyness was going to be covered with yellow tape, that hadn't mattered much.

A little tidying up, mostly cutting extra holes to they fitted over handrails, and I gave it a go. There was still a bit of working by eye involved but assuming if it looked right, it was right, I ploughed ahead.

Some of my parallel lines were a bit iffy but using a damp brush, I removed the worst errors. Then I found that often the second line wasn't needed as I could do a reasonable job by eye with a pointy brush.

The results are OK. Look closely and they aren't great but from normal viewing distances, they are fine. If anyone points this out, I'll show them a photo showing that the prototype isn't much better in this respect, some of the real lines aren't as smooth as they might be!

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