Sunday, November 01, 2015

Large Model Flyers, Gaydon

Weathered orange

Winter approaches so it's time to stock up on the modelling basics. I know I could buy many of them at a toy chuffer show, but the Large Model Aircraft event at the Motor Museum, Gaydon is handy and the exhibits a bit different from the ones I normally see.

Mosquitto pilots

Basically this was a shopping trip with the chance to get close to some of the magnificent models I'd seen a few months ago flying at Cosford. It's all very relaxed. Models are left lying around with little or no supervision in most cases. Were it me, I'd be hovering over the things poking anyone who got too inquisitive with a sharp stick. I suppose the ability to fire the results of many hours and not a little cash into the air and then bring them back down breeds a confidence in their strength.

Yellow gnat

Anyway, both my father and I enjoyed the show. He bought many sheets of high quality dead tree and I came away with an unfeasibly large number of bottles of glue. Happy days!

There's a few photos over on Flickr.

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