Monday, November 09, 2015

THAT'S why I kept it!


There was some midnight oil burnt to prepare the Bantam for its appearance at the model boat show last weekend. Hurried glazing and a quick cabin roof went on in double-quick time. I'm not wild about the plastic "glass" but it looks better in real life than the photo.

A missing element was the exhaust stack found at the side of the windscreen. I could have left it off but that would annoy me so I knocked something up from plastic tube and filler.

Around the prototype exhaust is some mesh that presumably protects workers from touching the hot pipework. A quick dig in my box of etched parts uncovered the foil from an old electric razor - stashed away to be useful "one day".

That day had arrived and after quite a lot of pre-bending, I glued it in place around the tube. Quite a bit of thin superglue was required and combined with some enthusiastic aerosol work, the effect of the holes has been reduced. Still, it's better than nothing and a lot easier than drilling hundreds of holes!

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