Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Challenge Hull

Chairmans Challenge Hull

Chatting to one of the clubs at the model boat show, they mentioned a "Chairman's Challenge" that involved every member buying a standard hull and having to make a boat from it. The design was up the individual member and several different models were produced.

Thinking that this was a good idea, I had a chat with our club secretary who seemed to be up for it. An informal meeting of a dozen members at the stand showed the idea had legs. If we could find a suitable hull for a fiver then we'd give it a go.

On the Sarik Vacform stand, there was a nice 13 inch long hull and after a bit of cajoling, I managed to get the price down below a fiver if we ordered 20. That's what we did and a few days later a big cardboard box arrived with the hulls in. Each one is moulded in 1.5mm thick plastic. Not sure what sort yet but it seems more styrene than ABS.

Half the pile were snapped up by members at the last meeting and hopefully the rest will soon find homes. Several ideas have already been mooted so I'm hoping that come the open day we'll see a variety of interesting models.


I have two hulls. Once I fancy turning into a pocket tugboat. The other, I'll explain when I get started.

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