Thursday, November 26, 2015

Minic panel


Preparing Ruston Quays for its trip to the NEC this weekend I've been tidying up the control panel. One job is to remove the buttons for the electric uncoupling system as we've moved on from it.

The little panel is a bit of a classic from me - a sheet of white plasticard with lines from vinyl tape. In the past I've used go-faster-stripe from car factors but it seems this has fallen out of favour so it's harder to get. Fortunately, most model boat and aircraft supplies do rolls with loads of widths with more than enough for panels and you can have funky colours too. I'm not funky, so I stick with black.

Switches are fitted into holes drilled in the plastic, something easier to do neatly than it is in wood. The are designed to clip into a thin material, normally metal, but 2mm thick sheet seems OK.

Best of all, the plastic stays clean, or at least can be wiped clean if covered in mucky finger marks!

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