Monday, January 04, 2016

Access hole

Access Hole

I've been HERE before. Trying to do up the grub screw at the base of a worm gear and wishing I had a tiny screwdriver bent at a right angle.

For a change, the solution was simple - drill a hole big enough for a tiny jewelers screwdriver to poke through the end of the chassis. This bit will be hidden behind a honking great bufferbeam so no one will see it.

Setting up the gears is a bit of a rigmarole. The order seems to be:
  • Fit motor but leave it loose
  • Slide brass gear along to the centre of the axle
  • Fit worm gear
  • Slide motor so the gears mesh
  • Do up the back screw to hold the motor in place
  • Side the brass gear out of the way
  • Tighten second motor screw
  • Return brass gear to the centre and tighten the grub screw up
What fun!

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