Monday, January 25, 2016

Kitmaster motorised van

Kitmaster motorised van

I'm very busy working on the latest Ramsay's British Model Trains catalogue at the moment so there's not a lot of modelling getting done.

Part of the job involves photographing some ancient models including this one in my collection - the Kitmaster RTR motorised van.

The idea is that you could power your unmotorised Kitmaster plastic locomotives with this. Quite a neat idea. Basically a power bogie with a plastic lid and sideframes. Ramsay's needed a picture of the model and box, but I have a feeling readers of this blog will be more interested in the insides.

Kitmaster van in bits


James Finister said...

High Level do a flyshunter kit, though with a slightly different purpose in mind

Phil Parker said...

I'd meant to mention the flyshunter but was rushing things so thanks for this.

matt scrutton said...

Is the van a decent runner?

Phil Parker said...

In a 1960s way yes. Compared to mdern stuff? Not so good.