Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Barclay crossheads


Bit of bodgery with the Barclay cross heads. A nickel silver connecting rod is supplied but so is a brass one with an extra tongue and you're supposed to use this one. Lovely, but it's a the wrong colour and a different colour from the connecting rods.

I hacked off the end of the brass piece and soldered this to the back of the NS version. Then the cast head is fitted using lots of permanent pen to stop the solder spreading where it shouldn't. There's a brass washer on the back which is soldered to a cast pin and the first head went fine. The second took two goes but after a bit of fettling, they swivel nicely.

Slide bars

The slide bars are more modifications to the original chassis design (for the Eagle according to the instructions) leaving a single sidebar. It fits into the rear support and on the end of the cylinder etch. There's quite a lot of space behind the slidy bits, one of the benefits of O16.5 I suppose.

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