Thursday, January 28, 2016

London Toy Fair

On Monday I headed over to the London Toy Fair. Obviously my trip was mostly about model railways and I've covered the goodies from this over on MREmag. However, I couldn't resist looking at other stuff so here's a few goodies from the plastic kit world.


Plenty to see on the Revell stand. They are introducing a fantastic range of easy built kits aimed at 6 years and up. Clipped and screwed together using plastic fixings, once built the cars all have great play value. The range then moves to clip together and then clip and paint kits before becoming "proper" like the models shown above and below.


Plenty of TV tie-ins here. A deluxe Space 1999 Eagle with booster pack, Battlestar Galactica Vipers in normal and cartoon (looks like an egg-plane) forms, Back to the Future DeLoreans, Knight Rider and the General Lee.

Interesting Star Trek Enterprise packaging with what appears to be a father & son. Does this suggest they are trying to sell kits as something families can build together and bond over? Not a bad idea although I wonder if they should have gone for grandfather & grandson.

I'll admit I fancy the cartoon Viper and the Eagle from this selection. Hopefully a Toy Fair appearance means availability will be good.


I was too busy to take a lot of notice here, but the range has been announced well in advance anyway. There was a 3D print of the VW camper in the Quickbuild range I'd heard about late last year. I'm not so convinced by the shape as I am with the Beetle but have a feeling one will find its way to me anyway.

Bolt Action

Finally, how about some Dad's Army figures from wargaming company Bolt Action?

Sadly too large for OO and too small for O gauge models, I still fancy a set, although at 40 quid, it might have to wait a while!


tony taylor said...

Did you find out anything about the Airfix Q6 kit?. The scale would be nice for a start.

Phil Parker said...

Nothing more than is in the photos. It's a Q6 without tender and with a tapered boiler as far as I can see from the drawing on the front. In the interview, the point was made that it's about the workings, not the outside.