Sunday, January 31, 2016


Hovercraft - Car Door

Is it national "Scrap our heritage transport" month?

First the Manx Horse Trams and now the BBC reports that the last two cross-channel hovercraft are to be destroyed so a property developer can make a few quid.

Well done.

I travelled on both hovercraft in their penultimate weekend. I won't say it was salubrious, both needed a refurbishment. Neither was it quiet. What it was was fascinating.

Obviously I am disappointed by this but I suppose we live in a country where knowing how something works is a reason for derision on TV panel shows whereas lobbing up a few houses in the space a unique and irreplaceable machine is sitting is perfectly sensible.


Duncan Young said...

Absolute disgrace, I thought they were in a museum. We went on it in 1999 and it was superb fun. Noisy, yes but another engineering triumph. Is there a campaign to stop this. The Airfix models were fine but not as good as the real McCoy.

Phil Parker said...

Petition here:

James Finister said...

I'm in the middle of reading On a Cushion of Air . It is a fascinating read and makes this news even sadder.

Anonymous said...

In a strange coincidence the Audi has German plates with the 'ES' letters, which is our local designation...

I'm perhaps too unromantic, in that I feel it would be very, very expensive to keep the Hovercraft in reasonable cosmetic, let alone working condition, so I think this would end up happening sooner or later, but it does seen symptomatic of the way theUK thinks: throw anything away as long as we can make a fast buck.

And what is it with the derision of people who know what they are talking about? I don't get that either.