Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Warehouse Wednesday: EC Williams

EC Williams

Warehouse Wednesday has been a bit of an unexpected hit on this blog so while I can still find pictures, I'll carry on posting them.

EC Williams Ltd isn't a warehouse, it's a factory, but I think it's an interesting building for modellers. We tend to look at 60s and earlier structures and ignore anything later as though this will make it go away.

This one seems as 1980s as the TV show Capital City. I seem to recall a campaign around this period encouraging firms to use brick for buildings are it looks nicer than slabs of concrete, although a quick search reveals nothing so this might just be my imagination!

The clean lines would be easy to model and on the right layout it would really help to set the period. I suspect the windows are replacements but bet if they are, the originals didn't look much different. A nice touch is the raised ECW in black bricks at the far end, some plasticard bits would do this or you could just cheat and paint a few individual bricks on the sheet.

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