Tuesday, January 26, 2016

View from the Hospital engine shed

Hospital Scene

Taking a few photos on The Hellingly Hospital Railway and spotted this view when looking through the engine shed doors. Virtually no railway in view, but quite a lot of construction equipment.

I'll admit that I've added the scenery on the left of the tree as normally that's where you see the happy faces of exhibition visitors but apart from that, it's all real.

Everything in the picture is kit or scratch built. although apart from the traction engine (W&T models) and foreground roller (scratchbuilt from plastic bits) I can't remember the sources I'm afraid. It's over a decade since I built this lot!


Paul B. said...

Lovely photo!
What makes it great is the figures, always so difficult on a model. The clothing looks right and crucially the poses are spot on. It does look like a photo of people at work rather than a photo of some random 4mm scale figures scattered about.
The straps across the horses back look very well done as well.

Keith Parkinson said...

Love your Hellingly Hospital Railway. Always enjoy(ed) seeing it.