Friday, January 08, 2016

Loco plonked together

Plonked together

I can't resist plonking together the main parts of any model I build every so often. I could claim this is so I can see how things are coming together but really it's that I'm a big kid.

The Barclay is progressing well. With the smokebox fitted, but not yet soldered, in the front of the boiler, I can see how the body looks. The stubby chimney is just rested in place so it looks like a steam engine. At least the motor fits into the firebox without any real fettling.

It's an odd (in a good way) looking beast this one. A driver will tower over the loco and show just how tiny it is. There's a very purposeful look to the model however and it would look fantastic running in a factory setting on stupidly tight curves.

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