Thursday, January 07, 2016

Lights, display case, wagon!

The four week schedule means that it's BRM time again folks. The February issue sees the gradual redesign of the magazine spread to the practical article and very nice they look too. Less shouty and more classy. Bit like me really. Except for the classy. And perhaps the less shouty.

Anyway, first up, we have something a little offbeat, making a display case.

Display Case

This projects has been in my mind for a couple of years. What I've done is a take a cheaply available picture from from Hobbycraft and turn it into a case that can be filled with models and hung on the wall to enhance any room. All this with a complete lack of skill on the woodworking front.

Another new feature is "A wagon kit in every scale". I'm starting small with a 2mm scale starter kit.

2mm scale wagon

There's a lot of modelling in this kit, and it's very, very, small, but thanks to some excellent design, the model goes together very well indeed. The guys from the 2mm Scale Society have been very helpful too.

Finally, the work on the BRM card kit continues on both the page and DVD. Building a model isn't enough, we've added some lights. Needless to say, I didn't just restrict myself to lighting buildings, I've looked at a few other illuminating possibilities too.

VW with lights

There are a few niggles along the way but adding lights isn't too hard and certainly adds a new element to your layout. Best of all, you only light the bits you want to show, the rest can hide in the gloom!


Nick Brad said...

Can't wait to pick up a copy when I'm in town on tuesday, do you still have your Dub bus?

Phil Parker said...

I still have the bus it's still for sale:

Keith Parkinson said...

I like the look of the 2mm wagon and will read with interest.
Maybe take BRM with me to Lanzarote next week for poolside reading.

Anonymous said...

Like the look of the tram and the wagon idea.
Has the tram been covered previously? Can't recall it tho.
As a daily reader of your blog you can't beat the variety of content.
Keep up the good work

Phil Parker said...

Thanks Andy. The Tram is the very first etched kit I ever built. I think it's been covered on here in the past but that doesn't mean it can't make another appearance one day.