Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Warehouse Wednesday: Laxey Flour Mill

Laxey Flour Mill

I'd not planned a third Manx warehouse on the trot but while researching last week's building, I was reminded about the rather excellent Laxey Flour Mill, so thought "Why not?"

The first reason is that I don't have any photos of the building. I'm sure I've taken them but by the look of it, a long while ago and on film. Thus, I'm relying on other pictures found on Flickr. Even these aren't exactly numerous.

Anyway, the site is interesting because we have a stone building over a century and half old, set in a bucolic tree filled gorge. And out the front are four ugly, steel silos.

Presumably this only made it through planning as they are essential for the business and if you stop flour storage, the place shuts down. I know around here they local residents would be up in arms. Mind you, they are up in arms if anyone dares not to have a beige shop front so that's no guide.

This is quite a useful prototype for modellers. The view above has been taken from a road bridge and behind this is the Manx Electric Railway viaduct. Take a look at the site on Google maps to get a better idea just how confined this site is.

Originally, all the milling was powered by water, hence the location. Now, the firm has grown up to fill the spot with buildings behind the pretty warehouse that appear to owe more to wiggly asbestos sheet than crafted stone. If you need to cram industry into a small area, this is useful inspiration.

The good news is, the firm still operates and you can have a look around on the website.

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neil whitehead said...

Excellent series. I have found this site: which has lots of shots of old buildings (mainly French) and very good modelling techniques. I wander around the old parts of French towns and villages in the area and take shots of old doors, walls and abandoned buildings - of which there are many, as references for my paintings and maybe, one day, railway models.