Thursday, December 22, 2016

Binding magazines cheaply

As we reach the end of the year, many of us will have piles of unbound magazines that need organising. Buying the correct binders is obviously the best way to do this. The mags will fit and lines of many years will look fine on your library shelves. 

Not every mag produces a bespoke binder however. Model Boats have (apparently) stopped doing this so we needed to find an alternative method. 

Rymans stationers have come to the rescue with some Magazine Holder strips from Durable. Each plastic strip fits into a 4 ring lever arch file. The mag slips into a slot down one side of the strip. 

Not only is this quick to do, the mags can be removed easily if required. 

Magazine holders are a web-only product but you can order them through the shops where they will be delivered for pick-up. 

At this point, I'd normally include a web link, but in the last few days the links has vanished. Not to worry, here is the original on Durable's website.


James Finister said...

Also available via Amazon

Kelly Harding said...

A useful find. Have need for lots of these!

Huw Griffiths said...

Those things look neat - and would work with most magazines currently on the market.

With some magazines, you might also be able to use clear A4 wallets with similar strips on one side (not an option with Railway Modeller, as it's likely to be too wide) and not have to stick anything to the cover of your magazine (some of us like to keep the things pristine).

Saying that, for some magazines, the strips are likely to be the only viable option.

Paul C said...

With BRM, I just carefully tear out the pages of interest to me, punch holes in the binding side, and stick them in a lever arch file. It's surprising how little room the magazines take up when you remove all the advertising and the articles/reviews that you know in your heart of hearts you will never read again!