Monday, December 05, 2016

Death of a cutting mat

Cutting board

The time has come for a new cutting mat. Mine is covered in lumps and bumps - I'm working around the leftover blobs of glue and that isn't a good thing. I can't remember how old this mat is but certainly ancient enough that I probably should have replaced it a long while ago. 

On the right you can see the marks made by my efforts with bow and Bob Moore lining pens. There's a few other random blobs of paint knocking around too despite my efforts to keep things clean, or at least wipe up the mess. 

On the left there is evidence of my extensive use of talcum power on model buildings. It's actually worked into the rubbery surface of the board. 

Anyway, this mat is now in the bin and a new one has taken it's place. Not sure this will improve my modelling, but it can't hurt.


Anonymous said...

I have a cutting mat like that, but did not throw it away. I bought a new one for cutting and kept the old one for making a mess on to save me from messing up the new one

Sean CUllen

cparkstone said...

I kept my old one as well, purely for use with weathering powders (this stuff seems to get everywhere) and any other messy substance that one might use.