Thursday, December 29, 2016

No space for the buffers?

At the station end of Ruston Quays, there is a big hole in the fascia support. It's there because I found the DMU operating on the shuttle service would hit the woodwork at the end of it's run.

Bacisally, I needed to move the diode that stopped it's progress by a few mm, or make a hole to stop the buffers being beaten to death. I make a big hole.

It's fun, kids love watching the train heading towards them as they peer through it. But now there is a prototype.

From the Royal Deeside railway Facebook page:

How to fit a 26 ft steam loco in a 25ft shed?

It's not all been about Santa today, and some of the Steam Team have been addressing the physical challenge of how to fit a 26 ft steam loco in a 25ft shed.... as you can see, it was perhaps easier than first thought.... and for the first time since Salmon has arrived at the Royal Deeside Railway, this evening she will be undercover!

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