Friday, December 02, 2016

Making a stand part 2 - Painting and finishing.

A wagon kit in every scale display

Speed being of the essence with this project, I decided to spray paint the MDF. A quick coat of Halfords grey primer was followed by a trip out to buy a couple of cans of the same companies satin black. After a cup of tea, I shot this all over the stand and dried it with a hair drier. 

A little bit of rubbing down, followed by more paint and the jobs a good'un. 

To ensure I left with the same number of models as I arrived, each is wired down with soft iron wire pushed through a couple of holes, over each axle and then twisted together using a pin vice. Now I can turn the stand upside down and everything stays put. 

The finishing touch was to print some labels explaining what each scale was and a title card jauntily stuck to the top of the "tree". 

On the stand it all looked great an attracted a lot of interest from both those who didn't know much about the various scales and people who thought they did but realised they didn't know all of them.

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Huw Griffiths said...

It looked good on Sunday.

The Wagon Wheel (in front of the camera in your shot) is a nice touch, too.

Some people call those things "health foods" - they make people feel good!

Still, I don't expect you're too worried, as long as nobody stands a couple of metres from the BRM stand, munching their way through a box of mince pies, or a load of iced custard slices ….

(Now there's an idea - not a very good idea - but an idea, nonetheless …. Don't worry - I wouldn't dream of being that cruel.)