Thursday, December 01, 2016

Making a stand part 1 - Cutting MDF

Part of the Warley display was to be the series of  models I built for the "Wagon in every scale" series in BRM.

Showing these off could just mean plonking them on a table, but I wanted to do something a bit more interesting. Laying the models out, I came up with the idea that a vertical stand would work.

A few minutes work with paper and pencil, followed by a trip to the hardware shop, and I had a couple of 3mm MDF offcuts.

Thin MDF is ideal for this sort of job as it can be cut with a heavy knife leaving a nice neat edge and no dust. Each cut takes many passes, and changing the blade regularly is essential.

All the parts were glued together and my shelves are braced with slices of pine moulding. Most don't carry much weight but the extra support makes sense.

Another advantage of MDF is the grain-free surface which makes painting a lot easier. I'll move on to this tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

and it looked extremely good at the show! The wagons were not bad either!