Monday, December 19, 2016

New tractor and bus for the collection

Lanz Bulldog tractor model

Collecting is all about the thrill of the hunt. There's loads of fun in finally tracking down an elusive item for your display. I'm pleased to have finally acquired a diecast Lanz Bulldog tractor. While I have a HO scale version, in fact the Sport model, I have been on the lookout for some time for something bigger. 

This isn't because I'm a huge fan of farm machinery, but because the Bulldog takes a prominent role in the end of my novel (Blatant plug: Available in paperback and e-book here. Get yours in time for Christmas) and it's a useful size to photograph for marketing purposes. 

The diecast model comes from the Tractors and World of Farming partwork series published by Hachette in 2008. The models are now appearing in boxes at the end of second hand stalls and I've been digging through for a few months with no joy. Then, on an "antique" stall in Hereford indoor market, there was the Bulldog - which was quickly snapped up for £8. 

It's a well detailed model in roughly O gauge and would make a useful and cheap addition to a model railway. Some matt varnish and loads of weathering would really set it in the scene. Mine will stay shiny for the moment, but looking at the quality of the castings, I could be tempted by a second for "modification".

Corgi bus

While I'm at it, the Beatties collection has been swollen by a Corgi bus with their advert on it.Mint in box for under 7 quid thanks to ebay. I always wonder how toys manage to stay in this condition. I'm sure none of my childhood toy cars are in anything like this good a condition.

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Anonymous said...

My grandad had a large cupboard full of mint hornby and triang trains until a few years ago, they were meant for my dad but he lost intrest in them and they sat forgotten for 30 years until i discovered them.