Sunday, December 18, 2016

Scalextric "Supersound"

The companion unit to the Hornby Supersound unit I looked at a couple of years ago, if anything it's worse than the railway version. 

I don't understand why you'd want this thing any where near your slot racing set. If traffic noise is your bag, just open a window.

Playing with it under DCC equiped model diesel depots could be fun though (evil laugh).

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Anonymous said...

I'm guessing it might not be quite as much fun as a festive special of "Inside Nature's Giants" could be - especially if it were to feature a reindeer, who gets his posthumous moment of fame at tea-time on Xmas Eve.

(Should help those "festive mints" to go down - what are they called - that's right, "bah humbugs". I'm sure this would be followed by yet another playing of that "Bad Santa" DVD and some really evil laughs: "Ho! Ho! #@* Ho!")