Saturday, December 31, 2016

I built a beetle

Lego Beetle - 10252

Thanks to the generosity of my sister, I got to spend a few evenings building a Lego model of a VW Beetle. 

Long term readers will know I'm a big fan of the bug, my first car being a '73 model that now awaits serious repair after being left in the care of a maniac mechanic years ago. Maybe this year she'll go back on the road.

Lego Beetle front

1167 pieces go to make up the car, drinks cooler and surfboard. Assembly is interesting with some fascinating detail work along the way. Lego isn't ideal for building models of cars made entirely of curves so the factory could reduce the amount of steel used (the curves avoid the need to inner strengthening parts required for flat panels) being brick shaped, but the only custom parts appear to be the wings. 

The designers have done a top job, although this isn't the first attempt. That was the incredible 10187 set which is now highly prized and very pricey if you can find one. Set 10252 is still in the range, although possibly not forever.

Lego flat four Beetle engine

Unsurprisingly, I really enjoyed making this model. The huge booklet is perfectly clear and as long as you follow the pictures, you don't go wrong. There was a single missing part in the bonnet but as it was hidden, I improvised with some of the spare parts. Construction was spread over 3 evenings to prolong the enjoyment. 

Lego is normally thought of as a kids toy, but it was interesting to read Jonathan Clay comment on Facebook over the festive period that 13 friends had mentioned thay had recived some, but none were kids. I can add another who is very proud of his TIE fighter model. The Beetle kit is listed as being suitable for ages 16+...


matt scrutton said...

Phil my best mates mechanic father in law is an award winning beetle drag racer and engine builder, he knows everything about them. If you need assistance with yours I'd be happy to ask him.

Stuart said...

Don't despair I got my first car (Austin Cambridge) back on the road last year after twelve years standing in the garage. (The car not me)