Saturday, December 17, 2016

GWR hand lamp

GWR hand signalling lamp

Last week, a generous chap from the model boat who had been cleaning out his loft gave me this. He wanted rid, and though I might like it. He was right. 

This is a GWR signalling lamp. Inside the body is a metal cylinder holding three colours of curved glass - red, green and clear. The green is intact, the clear missing if it exists at all, and the red is broken. The spirit burner looks OK although I haven't tested it.

On the side is a plate marked 4530. 

My guess is that the body has been repainted at some point. I've not seen these any other colour than black. However, I like the patina of the current paint with rubs and knocks. Restoration would be an option, but why? There are loads of black lamps put there and making it look new would take the "life" out of it. 

Replacing the red glass should be possible. I'm sure I've seen this stuff on sale in the past (ebay?) so I'll probably do this at some point. For the minute it's an ornament and a nice one too.If anyone out there can tell me more about this, I'm all ears.


James Finister said...

I do like that green.
I believe some lamps were green during the war, for instance there are two listed on this auction site so I wonder if that explains the colour?

James said...

I think it'll be a guard's lamp - for signalling it would need to be able to show a yellow light.

On the hand lamps I have, the clear glass isn't in place, the colour of the burner is enough for that as it is.