Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Lorry spotting

Dana from Frozen Ottawa asks:

I'm primarily a modeller of things with wings and a modelling friend in the Canary Islands wants to build a diorama of the vehicles in the image attached. Its from an airfield on the occupied Channel Islands.

We think its a Commer Parcel truck (Excuse this colonial commoner!)... err Lorry. Would you know if such a beast is available in O Gauge? I've searched Google to no avail and thought I'd ask someone in the know!

I have a feeling the answer is "Yes", but I'm no expert. In my mind, Bob Barlow's Classic Commericals range contained something similar, but I can't remember (or find out) where it moved on to after his death. 

Can anyone help? Answers/suggestions in the comments please.


Mike Bellamy said...

I have found two references that seem to indicate that the Classic Commercial range may have gone to Adrian Swain of ABS Models.

See Adrian's comment in the Albion Yard blog here

Also a comment in #14 on RMweb here

The problem now is that I understand that whilst Adrian is still trading, he has been unwell for some time and I understand that he's selling stock but not currently manufacturing. His contact details are on UKModelShops and so it might be worth a phone call to get the up to date situation.

Searching Ebay has found a Bedford O LWB lorry and an Austin K8 van but nothing like the photo.



Vaughan45 said...

I think this range had already been sold to ABS Models in advance of Bob's untimely death?

Odds said...

Oh Jeez, not another one! Why on Earth do people sell their white metal ranges to that damned man? Nothing that disappears into his collection of sheds ever re-appears. I know of him from way, way back. I have recently been trying to find the range or even one of the old PO Box adverts but can't anywhere, but if Swain has them all, you might as well consider them non-existant any more. I really would have thought Bob Barlow would have known better.

Odds said...

I just found this in a forum, dated 2012! It says everything about Swain.
"Well, I did go to Reading and spoke to Adrian. He talked for some time about problems with re-introducing the Scammel Scarab - mainly centred around his efforts to keep the price of the kit down. I seem to recall that he wanted to replace resin castings with white-metal. I got no idea when, or even if, it would reappear. he did have a couple of ex-Classic Commercial kits and I bought an AEC Mammoth Major kit.

Pity, I think the Scammel Scarab would be a good seller...."

There you go. Proof if it were ever needed that he'll bury that like everything else he has gathered over the years. When he croaks, there'll be a hell of an auction in his back garden!

James Finister said...

The Channel Islands, surely, rather than the Canaries?