Friday, December 16, 2016

What's that on the trackmat?

One reason to use a trackmat (I refuse to call it trakmat) is that it give the appearance of scenery, even just in printed form. There are suggestions for accessories to be placed around the train set - a great idea when trying to prompt friends or family for future presents.

This all falls down when it's impossible to identify the aerial view of some accessories.

Quiz time, what's this?

or this?

They clip in to the sides of the rails but otherwise I can offer no suggestions. The Hornby website isn't much help either as the mat shown there is different from this one.


Anonymous said...

Bases look like the uncoupling ramp :


Anonymous said...

Could also be the loading gauge and telegraph poles from R574 Trackside accessory pack :


Anonymous said...

I would agree that they are probably the mounting bases for various trackside things like fences, telegraph poles, etc. Unfortunately Hornby don't give any real instructions on these mats in the sets although if you Google trakmat instructions there is a PDF document on their website.