Thursday, October 08, 2015

Big brick buildings in BRM

Ruston Quays warehouses

I'm bricking it in the November issue of BRM. It's time to make some big buildings and I really do mean big.

The main warehouse is 50cm long but is joined by a smaller one shown above and over 5 feet of arches for the retaining wall.

All these bricks need colour and so I've covered my method of doing this with pencil crayons and weathering powders. If this doesn't appeal, there are 3 other options including the Pendon one with each brick painted with watercolours - I'd be a gibbering wreck if I tried that!

Best of all, I found a use for a quarter of a Springside Morris Minor kit. Now all I need is a home for the rest!

Ruston Quays wagons

We'll need some wagons for the shunting yard so I've taken 8 different ones and carried out some simple modifications to personalise each one. I don't like to see strings of identical wagons on a layout so hopefully this will inspire a few people to dabble in the art of ruining perfectly good RTR products and turning them into unique models.

Fordhampton Station

Years ago, Hornby licensed a kit for Dunster station. I always liked the look of it, but the photos hide that the attractive stone covering was flat stickers.

You can now buy the kit again from Gaugemaster, this time part of their "Fordhampton" range. It's still a very nice model but the new stickers are still flat. Replacing them with 3D Redutex surfaces makes a huge difference and now with care, a really lovely model station can be built by anyone.

We've split the build between the pages of the magazine and the DVD. On the disk, you'll also find me showing how to use Ballast Magic to add coal to wagons. I get a bit annoyed when people pay for someone to coal a model tender - it's such a simple and satisfying job and this way there's not even any messy glue!

More details of the November BRM on RMweb.

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Paul B. said...

Best use for a Springside Morris Minor kit? Chop it up for weighting rolling stock...