Sunday, October 18, 2015

Great Electric Train Show 2015


I've just time for a quick post on this event:

Cake - Excellent. Strawberry and white chocolate. Soft, not too sweet and nicely decorated.

Layouts - Also excellent. I don't think there was a duff one there. Several I hadn't seen before and many I'd like to see again when I have more time.

Trade - Very good indeed. You might expect lots of box-shifters but I managed to pick up some specialist bits. It might be that I was the only person to buy a set of broaches but at least I could replace the set with a broken one (thanks Dad). I enjoyed lots of chat with the trade too, in fact wandering around before the doors opened, I was amazed how many people I knew and knew me. Too many to talk to each one.


Workwise, I spent a couple of hours on the DOGA stand fiddling with the AEC kit. Not much got done as there was loads of chat.

Anyway, head over to Flickr for more photos.


Keith Parkinson said...

Agreed, a great show in a handy venue.

James Finister said...

I really like that B&W shot!