Monday, October 19, 2015

Ruston Quays detailing starts

All being well, I'm fast asleep as this post goes live after a busy weekend at Peterborugh with Ruston Quays.
With the lighting rig built, all major construction is finished and I can move on to the fun stuff - adding details.
As you can see, a start was made before the show with some barrels and electrostatic grass behind the old carriage body. All the grass is applied using a puffer bottle rather than an electric tool - it's the best way to get fibres into corners and for the tiny area I'm working on, it takes no time.
Looking at the photo, I see fibres have stuck to the carriage body but a damp brush will take care of those. The barrels could do with a wash of rust colour too.

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Jim said...

Ruston Quays reminds me of Mistley on the Harwich line, a wonderful location back in the day, with its switchback down to the quay. This picture of the top yard, from the Railscot website, sums it up - keep going with the static grass!