Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Festival of British Railway Modelling 2015

Ruston Quays

Busy, busy, busy. That's what this show was. So busy that I didn't even have time to eat any cake!

Ruston Quays looked pretty good with its new lighting rig and fascia. The DMU shuttle worked well apart from a minor error in my measurements for the stopping point in the station which meant it tried to pull up about 2mm into the MDF. Even using Tony Wright's Derby lightweight, a bit shorter than the Class 101 normally in use, didn't help much. At least I know why you should fit sprung buffers to a 4mm scale model now.

The hall was busy but my layout viewing time was severely limited so the photos taken were all shot just before opening time on Sunday.

Anyway, you can see the pictures here. I didn't get any cake so I'm not writing any more.

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Keith Parkinson said...

Amazing how the layouts and their detail jump out when viewed through a lens. So impressive.