Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Warehouse Wednesday - Doncaster

Warehouse Wednesday has proved to be far, far, more popular than I expected. So much so that I've started receiving photos from other people to include. Here's the first from Keith Parkinson:

Please see attached photos of a warehouse I used to see regularly when going to Network Rail meetings at their Marshgate Depot in Doncaster. The building can be seen from the Friars Gate Bridge public road leading over the River Don, the warehouse backs on to Grey Friars Road.

I just think it oozes decrepit charm and abounds with modelling potential. So many materials, textures, colours etc. And right for any railway, canal etc model.

I am not sure what the ‘thing’ in the river is – looks like the bottom half of a boat(?)

Perhaps some natives from Doncaster could give further enlightenment?

The sunken "thing" is a lighter - an unpowered barge used for moving coal or spoil. The building is superb. Does anyone know any more history?


Anonymous said...

It's a scrap metal barge.. The smaller hold within the hull is to prevent any heavy bits dropped into it from causing any damage to the actual hull, which might result in a leak or sinking. The cargo has been unevenly loaded resulting in the list making it look uneven or even sunk but I think it's still afloat.
Behind it is a blue and white tug very similar to the one you have been building.
An idea for your 1/76 model to go on Ruston Quay? The barge shouldn't be hard to model, cutting the waterline at an angle to reproduce the list would be the hardest part..

Anonymous said...

Also, The smaller inner cargo hull leaves an air gap creating buoyancy. Although it looks wastful on storage space to overall size, it prevents overloading with heavier cargo, such as metal or ballast, from actually sinking the barge.

Jim said...

Checking it out on Google Streetview suggests it's in use as a bargain furniture warehouse, so hopefully safe for a few more years