Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Scarlet reporting for captain duty

Scarlet the Captain

Nearly a month ago, I showed you Captain Scarlet with added Milliput being prepared for his role in charge of the Bantam tug. He's now been smoothed, sanded and repainted for the role.

Using the existing neckline and jumper, I've not had to do too much to him for a reasonable effect. OK, sat on his own this isn't the most realistic figure in the world but tucked away in the wheelhouse, he'll do the job. Still looks a lot better than those horrid, rubbery dolls that many boaters chose to populate their efforts with.

Maybe he's too square shouldered but the skin looks pretty good. All I've done is shadow (I know, different show) with Games Workshop inks. The staring eyes - well at least he's paying attention to the steering!

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