Thursday, October 01, 2015

Busy October ahead

Flipping the calendar over to October shows a month that's looking pretty busy.
3rd October - Daventy Model Railway Exhibition with Melbridge Dock. So desperate are they for a hint of celebrity, I'm opening the show. Having said that, the place it's being held has been renamed in my honour so I can't complain.
10th & 11th October - Great Electric Train Show with the Double O Gauge Association demonstrating stuff on Saturday morning and all day Sunday. If there's anything I do you'd like to see demonstrated, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.
17th & 18th October - The National Festival of Railway Modelling with the first outing for Ruston Quays. This should be interesting as I'm going to be letting visitors operate the model.
15th to 18th October - Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition. Strictly speaking, I'm not actually going be here other than as a punter on the first day, but my Bantam Tug will be on the Knightcote Model Boat stand, possibly finished.
After this I might just collapse into a coma for the rest of the month. More likely I'll be chasing my tail trying to catch up with projects with looming deadlines.
If you are visiting any of these events, please drop by and say hello. It's always nice to meet blog readers - makes me think that's it's worth doing all this!


neil whitehead said...

Definitely worth doing Phil - a sane voice in a mad world.

Anonymous said...

And you realise you are missing the Worsley Works 3mm Show and my show as well
Ricard Preece
p.s I get the second weekend off as long as I keep quiet about it