Sunday, October 11, 2015

How to make me grumpy at shows Number 423

DB 103

There you are, standing behind the layout operating trains when someone thrusts a model in your direction.

"I'm looking at buying this. Can you see if it works for me".

There is an implied but unspoken, "NOW!"

Or more recently, "Have you got a screwdriver. Can you take this loco off it's base so I can see if the wheels go around before I buy it.", again with an implied, "NOW!"

What the questioner fails to comprehend is that everyone watching the layout has paid to come in and be entertained. Also, layouts are attractions in their own right and not just adjuncts to trade stands. You might only be interested in rummaging around in boxes of junk for bargains but other people are there too.

And traders, please don't point punters at the nearest suitable layout just because you can't be bothered to bring along loco test facilities. I nearly came to blows with one trader who thought that was all we were there for and laughed at the idea we weren't. It's very telling that only "bottom feeder" (table of junk, mis-spelt difficult to read signs, slightly smelly) trade do this and I've not seen him at a show since and I'm not sorry.

The man with the Atlas loco above? Wandered off after handing it over and didn't come back for over an hour. The wheels do go round.


Paul B. said...

Perhaps you should have a sign on the layout, 'locos tested in return for cake'. Seems like a fair trade to me.

AppleTree said...

"Yes I can test this for you, but there is a charge. Go and buy me a cup of tea and a piece of cake ".

Phil Parker said...

I like your thinking...

Anonymous said...

This sort of stuff gets me too.

After all, it's not as if some of these guys can't afford a couple of PP3 batteries from one of those cheap shops at the wrong end of the town centre.

For all I know, the new pride of their loco fleet might even last longer than one of these batteries - then again, it might not (especially if they insist on buying their locos from "traders of repute").

As for the Class 103 loco, I reckon that one really takes the biscuit ...

Phil Parker said...

The thing is, I don;'t mind helping out but the people watching the layout come first. I've often run a "guest" loco quickly up and down.

In future, I'll be demanding cake though.