Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Warehouse Wednesday - Tewkesbury


Sat on the River Avon, in the picturesque town of Tewkesbury, is this imposing and somewhat ugly mill. Originally two brick buildings, now joined by a metal-clad bridging part, the result is very modelable.

I'm particularly keen on all the ugly pipe hanging from the walls.


These "added extras" are rarely modelled but are a common feature of many working buildings. I wonder if they need planning permission? Most look as though they are thrown up haphazardly, although I'm sure there is really plenty of planning before anyone nails something to the walls.

This link drops you in the middle of the complex on Google Streetview.


David Varley said...

Is this the mill that used to be served by the quay branch?

Have long considered modelling Tewkebury - a small shunting layout based on the quay with an extension through the town to the engine shed.

Phil Parker said...

I couldn't see any signs of old railway but it might be.

David Varley said...


Looking at some old photos and maps (all subject to copyright but see for a wonderful photo) the line ran down Quay Street (behind you in your Google Earth link) and went over the bridge across the river, through the mill complex and ended up at a quay alongside the Avon.