Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Parked up AEC

While posting Ruston Quays shots, I thought I'd show the AEC lorry mentioned last week. It's finished and parked up near the baby Bantam tugboat. I need to add figures and tools and stuff for it to be the work crews transport.
From previous comments, I can see the issue with the windscreen horizontal bar. The cab side paneling I'm less worried about as I quite like it, so I'm assuming the owners added for decoration themselves.


Duncan Young said...

Is it my eyes or....? Just that the glazing appears to be distorted and not to your usual impeccable standards.

Stuart said...

It certainly looks the part. There may be the odd fault with the kit but it is cleanly moulded unlike the Bedford they produced later on. And what a boon it was when it came out - There was nothing else on the market, except very expensive whitemetal kits.

Phil Parker said...

Glazing is Micromark Krystal Klear - the same thing I use for nearly everything. The results on larger panes are always slightly distorted but it looks better than baddly fitted plastic pieces. Also, looks better in real life.

Having said this, I like slightly opaque glazing as you can see there is an interior, but not very much of it so I don't have to go mad with details that will probably be ignored.

James Finister said...

I have a new theory about this kit. My old one was that cab was actually from either a breakdown truck conversion, or a hack cab used by the factory. I think there was a photo somewhere that led me to favour the second option.

My new theory is, it isn't actually an AEC, but a 1934 Albion. Or at least a hybrid of the two.

Take a look at this photo http://www.truck-photos.net/picture/number10532.asp

In any case conversion to an Albion would be a simple way of making it look less obviously the Coopercraft kit. New radiator, cylindrical fuel tank, the cab roof blended in, and, probably the hard part, the front mudguards reshaped.

Phil Parker said...

James - I did a crude converion along these lines years ago. I'll dig out the model and post a photo sometime.

James Finister said...

Sound interesting. Another possible candidate is the Foden R though that would need the cab extended at the back, and it seems to have had taller, narrower wheels.