Thursday, October 15, 2015

Demo build - AEC Monarch

Modelling time has been at a premium recently. At the weekend, I was sitting behind a demo table as part of the DOGA stand and at 8 in the morning, didn't know what I was going to build.

Rooting around in the cupboard I found a very old Coopercraft AEC Monarch kit - ideal as assembly takes a minimum of tools and glue.

I snapped a few stages of the build:

Lorry Build 1

The kits, fresh from the bag. Note the discoloured plastic, it's THAT old.

Lorry Build 2

Chassis assembly starts.

Lorry Build 3

Main parts built and ready for paint.

I know this is a well known kit, a bit of a modelling cliche, but the finished lorry will look nice on Ruston Quays. The other road vehicles will be diecast, so it's nice to have at least one kit.


James Finister said...

Always been a curious kit that seems to manage to combine features of different AEC products.

I think the horizontal window bars are the oddest feature. If present at all they normally seem to have been both much thinner and also lower down the windscreen, and remove the panelling on the cab side. And the wheels have alkways seemed a little small as well.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to note that diecasts are also being used on this layout.

Did you have to take any special steps to ensure that all the vehicles ended up with a similar finish?

Incidentally, would there be any merit in doing an article in the future on how to do decent quality repaints on diecast vehicles, to go onto layouts?

Phil Parker said...

I'll be doing a piece for BRM in the future but basically, most diecast models just need a coat of Matt varnish to bring them into line.