Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Warehouse Wednesday: Regency Wharf

Regency Wharf

I've been hanging around the towpaths of Brimingham recently in the interests of research.

Right in the city centre, I spotted this conversion of an old industrial building. I can't find any history on the building so I have no idea what it was before Jimmy Spice moved in.

This strikes me as a real challenge to model. Designing a modern building from scratch that looks right is tough but this has to blend in with an old one too.

The building has a website here.


Iain Robinson said...

Enjoying this series very much. I guess the problem is much the same for a real-life architect. In the past, we had accepted forms to follow...georgian, vernacular etc. Now it's very much about cost and materials.

Phil Parker said...

I think modern materials are a lot more flexible than the old ones. You can do pretty much what ever an architect imagines nowadays.

Looking at the buildings so far, this would be by far the hardest one to model properly. Bricks and stone are sooo much easier!