Thursday, October 22, 2015

More plastic noodling - Bantam steering gear and hatch

After it's appearance at the Model Engineer show, and a trip to the Model Boat Show in 3 weeks time, I've got to try and finish the Bantam Tug. An evenings messing around with plastic has moved the model forward a bit.

Bantam Steering gear

The chains for the steering gear exit the side of the wheelhouse and travel in tubes to the back of the boat. Good job I checked the photos for this as I'd assumed this was a simple box. A couple of lengths of plastic rod have done the job although this did require the removal of a rivet and some of the plastic along the bottom edge.

Bantam Steering hatch

In front of the superstructure there is an oval hatch. Easily replicated with a pair of compasses cutting out some thin sheet. Add in a couple of hinges and straps from the same material. On the prototype there is a padlock but I suspect this is a "parked in London to lets keep the locals out thing.".

I wish I'd measured the hatch as I think mines on the small side. Let's hope no-one notices.


James Finister said...

Having a soft spot for Bantams I've really enjoyed following this build. I could imagine asemi scale version built using a Glynn Guest style simple balsa hull being very popular.

Phil Parker said...

I'll admit I started this because I liked the look of the Canal Museum boat - but as I dig into the prototypes, I'm becoming ever more interested. Maybe it's because they are the small shunting locos of the waterways.

Semi-scale version? I can see that working. Perhaps I should suggest it to Mr Guest.