Monday, November 06, 2017

Bazzing Around

File this under: Phil's not going mad.

For months, I've been trying to explain to my magazine colleagues that there used to be a column in a model railway magazine "written" by a dog. Specifically, by a bloodhound called "Baz".

As I recall, "Bazzing Around" involved Baz looking closely at the details of a locomotive. As well as photos, the articles were illustrated by line drawings showing specific parts of the machine.

The only trouble was, I couldn't find an example and people were beginning to think I was nuts.

Then, a few weeks ago, I was flicking through the November 1976 issue of Model Railways and there is Baz.  He's not looking at a loco this time but a section of London Underground track. Baz points out the different parts of a crossing. Not exciting stuff, but worth studying if you aspire to better trackwork.

Oddly, I can't see another appearance in the same year, nor one before or after. I'm sure there are more but for the life of me, I can't find them.

Please, someone, tell me they remember Baz as well!


Bill Dawson said...

I remember the "Bazzing Around..." articles in Model Railways. They became more infrequent after 1974/75. Really informative on unusual track formations in stations and yards.



Duncan Young said...

Remember Baz well early 70s'
He sniffed out detail and your layout aimed to pass the Baz test

Bill Luty said...

I remember Baz too Phil. It must have made a frequent appearance at one time. Model Railways was not my usual Railway Magazine of choice, financial constraints of a young family restricted my purchase power at the time. However, working in the centre of Leeds, W H Smiths' "reading room" was available at lunch times.
Bill L

Christopher said...

Me too, Phil. Somewhere, I have a copy of Model Railways from 1974 with a "Bazzing Around..." feature. In fact, I think it's about Yeovil Town station. I would scan it for you if I could find it...

Nick Brad said...

I missed out on those, but I did have a similar experience railway related.

I'm sure you've all seen Unstoppable, well after watching that for the first time, I was convinced I had watched another film in my youth with a similar plot, but it was a passenger train and it was a snowy scene. For years people said I was crazy or that I was thinking of Runaway Train. I knew I wasn't though and finally earlier this year, I tracked down the film, simply called Runaway.
I have had someone offer to sell me a home recorded copy on dvd for £45 as it isn't available officially, but you can find the full film on youtube. I recommend a watch on a cold afternoon with a hot cuppa.

Anonymous said...

I rememember Baz , I even have an idea who wrote for him , will try and look out which Model Railway news he originally appeared in
Richard Preece

Phil Parker said...

Thanks everyone. I'd be interested to find the other articles - access to the magazines is no problem, I just need to find them without looking through everything. You know how long that takes, especially when you get distracted by other interesting articles.

citehslacker said...

I also remember Bazzing Around - somewhat later, though, as I didn't start buying Model Railways until the early 1980s..

John Bardwell