Friday, November 10, 2017

Much better on the water

Sorry for the fuzzy photo - steering and taking pictures isn't easy, especially when the boat nips along at speed.

All my efforts re-working the drivetrain seems to have paid off. The boat is now a lot closer to the speed it should run as. Even with the battery running down (Note to self: Charge it up before you go) I wasn't unhappy with the pace.

There is more to come too I suspect. As you can see, the model runs with its nose in the air and that means the prop is firing down as much as it is along. A bit of weight in the nose should bring things down. I'll look at moving the battery too, at the moment it's held in with Blu-Tack.

I still think that ugly box on the back for the rudder isn't helping either, but I have some ideas for a replacement.

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