Friday, November 03, 2017

Why are people in fancy dress at the railway club?

Last Thursday, we had one of the most entertaining evenings at the railway club for a long while. Alan Buttler of ModelU had been brought in for a mass scanning session.

This should have taken place earlier in the year at a weekend but had to be postponed due to illness. The new date was a normal Thursday evening and so the social area was turned into a studio for the duration.

Lots of club members really got into the spirit with many dressing up for the occasion so their figures are suitably attired for the era of their layouts. We actually had a couple of people in suits, something never seen before, and plenty with overcoats and hats. Some used the props Alan brings along so they can be drivers or firemen on models. One couple were even posed having a row!

Scanning slots were organised before the day but progress was faster than expected so a few more people could be fitted in. On that basis, I've had my Dad scanned so he can stand next to me in miniature on layouts in the future.


Andrew Howard said...

Does that mean we will soon be able to buy mini Phil Parker's to go on our layouts?

They would go well with the Parker Fabrications decals from scale model scenery!

Phil Parker said...

Alan can supply mini-phils in all scales: