Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Warehouse Wednesday: Culham stationmaster's house

Culham Station Masters house

Arriving at Culham station recently, I was immediately taken by the stationmaster's house.

It's a lovely simple but reassuringly solid building. The sort of dwelling that speaks of days when organisations assumed they would exist, largely unchanged forever and wished to project an air of solid dependability. Unlike my bank which has moved from a stone-fronted building to a shop.

Anyway, this is a standard GWR design replicated at other stations and as such would make a good subject for a kit or ready-to-plonk model. For the scratchbuilder, the pitfalls are as usual the windows and especially the brickwork around the curved tops. Solve that, possibly with laser-cut sides, and you are on to a winner. For steam day modelling, and the current scene, the garden needs a vegetable patch and probably flowers that the occupant would tend between duties.

You'll want to see the famous station of course:

Culham Station

and the model at nearby Pendon:

Culham Station - Model

They are working on the house, although as Pendon Parva is based on, rather than a model of, Culham, the building will be on the other side of the tracks. It's looking good though.

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