Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Rip it out and start again

It might not look like much, the getting the speedboat to this stage took loads of work and quite a bit of nerve.

On the basis that the propshaft exiting the hull at the bottom of the V was leaving it flapping around in the air, I decided a more conventional position under the boat would be a good idea. There is a reason things are conventional I suppose - because the work.

Of course this meant I had to gently prise the well glued in components away from the ABS hull, something I managed to do without breaking anything. I have a nasty feeling this glue isn't sticking to the plastic as well as I might light, but for the moment I'll live with it.

Ascertaining the correct place for the shaft to come out of the hull was done by trial and error, which explains the long Milliput lump underneath it. My idea was to keep the shaft as horizontal as possible with the propeller just clearing the bottom of the hull as it spins.

A little plastic support seemed like a good idea, although I don't think it's essential.

Inside, the motor has to move upwards, just under the deck. It fits more by luck than judgment but the drive train is aligned pretty well, Everything rotates freely so for the moment I'll live with that.

Best of all, the servo can go back in the same position so that's one job saved.

Now I need to test it on the water.

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