Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Sorting the paperwork


Last week, my trusty little Peugeot 206 went off to a new home where it will hopefully put in a few more miles service as a courtesy car. With a year of MOT, the buyer got a bargain. Most importantly though, instead of sitting on my drive deteriorating (cars need to be used, sitting around is bad for them) and making me feel guilty for not using it enough, it's got a new life. 

This leaves me with the job of sorting out the paperwork. Like a proper classic car owner, I kept everything. If I spent any money, the receipt went in the folder. Over the years, I built up quite a pile of dead tree. 

The new owners didn't want all this stuff. If the car is a bona fide classic then it's valuable but while the car is languishing at the bottom of the value curve, it's just rubbish. 

Most of it has now gone, but I couldn't throw everything away. Tax disks for example, they seem fun to keep, especially now you don't get one in return for hefting a chunk of cash in the direction of the government. I feel sorry for classic owners that there's no souvenir any more. 

I've kept the original sales receipt and the advert I spotted on-line too. No particular reason for this other then sentiment I suppose. The folder is now a envelope and it's pretty thin, but as least I have something physical for remember the car by. 

And yes, I am vaguely aware how sad all this seems. 

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Andy in Germany said...

No more sad than keeping old football jerseys or tickets to famous games in my opinion, and I know a number of people who do that.